“My son was equipped at Willow, in ways that go well beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. His time at Willow taught him to be self-reliant, speak with poise and confidence, form solid values, and discover a wide range of interests. This foundation enabled him to thrive in a competitive high school and make a mature decision among several college offers. It all started at Willow, and we are truly grateful.”

Sandy Keegan
Alumni Parent

“Willow is one of the best learning environments available. I love how the virtues program focuses on the development of the children as people, in addition to receiving a great education. Willow focuses on our children as a whole vs. addressing only the academics.”

Christine Meyer
Lower School Parent

“Willow is a place of action and change. Willow educates children to act with confidence and compassion and meet big challenges head on. Willow did not shelter us from global issues, but rather encouraged us to embrace them and inspired us to want to enact change at a very young age.”

Greta Schacht
Class of 2014 Alumna

“My 5th & 6th graders who have tried a couple different school philosophies, have finally found a school to thrive in. They both love how their teachers teach them in fun ways and their classmates are the kindest kids. It makes our 40 min drive to the school worth it!”

Phuong Ngo
Middle School Parent

“We have impressive academics, but what truly anchors us to Willow is the virtues program, as well as the faculty and community that give those virtues real meaning everyday.  We love that we found a school and a community that works together to raise good, happy children, with timeless values and critical thinking skills.”

D. Wolfe
Middle School Parent

“Any person who values the individualized learning of homeschooling but values the social benefits of being in a classroom setting will absolutely fall in love with The Willow School. At Willow, children are encouraged to explore the things that they are deeply passionate about, to grow and become the individual that they truly are. The love of learning is an asset that can be seen from within the children, the teachers, and the community.”

Stephanie Catalli
Lower School Parent

“I would recommend Willow to any family that would like their kids to love going to school every day because they are enjoying learning in a supporting and nurturing environment.”

Judit Duran
Middle School Parent

“Everything about The Willow School, from the faculty and staff to the buildings and grounds, genuinely inspires wonder and a love of learning. Our every expectation has been exceeded.”

Erin Klemme
Lower School Parent

“I’m a person that loves to learn, and I think that really came from Willow. Learning was always a fun, exploratory thing. It was never about memorizing things or the pressure to perform. It was about learning because you love to find out new things, and I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed school beyond Willow. It’s why I want to study what I want to study. It really has made me who I am today.”

Gabriela Amaral
Class of 2010 Alumna



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The Vision Statement

The Willow School helps children discover who they are, the joy of learning, and the wonder of the environment around them.  Our purpose in doing so is to develop people who make meaningful contributions to others and to the world in which they live.