The core of The Willow School experience is the development of a moral and ethical foundation. Through the School’s Virtues Program, students have opportunities to assimilate and understand moral imperatives such as responsibility, honesty, respect, and compassion.  Each month a particular virtue is emphasized through readings, discussions, and illustrations related to academic material.  The virtue is applied to student behavior to help children develop a value system to guide them to lead constructive and meaningful lives.

Each morning at the start of the school day, the students and teachers gather together for Morning Gathering, an essential element of Willow’s mission.

The faculty and staff at The Willow School are not only teachers of ethical behavior, but also models for living virtuous lives.  Thus the mutual reinforcement of these behaviors at School and at home is of paramount importance for the child to participate in the School’s learning environment.

2017 – 2018 Virtues

September: Joy and Wonder

October: Service

November: Gratitude & Stewardship

December: Charity

January: Responsibility & Respect/Diligence

February: Honesty and Justice

March: Compassion

April: Forgiveness

May: Wisdom & Prudence

June: Hope