Message from the Head of School



Welcome to The Willow School!
I hope that through our website and visiting our campus, you will appreciate how unique we are in the landscape of outstanding independent schools.  Perhaps my own journey to Willow might mirror the search you are on, as you investigate the best school fit for your family.  In assuming the position of the Head of School in July 2015, the complete integration of the three foundational elements of our school called to me:
  • the virtues program, which promotes the ethical development of our students
  • environmental sustainability and appreciation of the natural world
  • academic and intellectual excellence
Academic excellence and academic rigor are hallmarks of independent schools across the nation. At Willow, our shared dedication to academic excellence thrives on the constant development of the intellectual capacities of our students. Academic preparation, without the intellectual muscle to think independently, deprives students from fully engaging in the challenging future awaiting them. Academic excellence at Willow means that our learning objectives not only include the mastery of content needed for the next level of academic challenge, but also includes conceptual understanding in the broader world, and the rich connections to our school culture.
Virtues, those qualities of our character to which society aspires, are a part of every school day and imbedded in our curriculum, both formally and informally. Through Morning Gathering, class meetings, advisory conversations, and the rich relationships between student and teachers, Willow is able to actively promote and support the ethical development of our students; we fully recognize that some of our richest learning takes place in the pursuit of these objectives.
Lastly, the ethical lives to which we all aspire not only apply to how we treat our fellow person, but also to how we extend these relationships to our natural world. Students learn within a campus where buildings and systems employ some of the very best solutions to the vital environmental challenges we face. Our LEED certified buildings, water harvesting systems, native plants, and garden to table program are all incorporated into our curriculum and to the daily life of our community. Willow students actively learn about many of the solutions we desperately need to embrace.
What could be more vital in the education of our children than these three pillars: academic excellence, aspiring to lead an ethical life, and living and learning within environmentally sustainable systems? In these ways, we are different than the rest. We are dedicated to preparing your children for the world of academic challenges around the next corner, and for the greater challenges facing them in their adulthood.
Please come and visit us at The Willow School. We have a great story to tell.
Jerry Loewen