The Willow School Latin Program supports the School’s emphasis on the mastery of the English language through expanding students’ vocabulary and understanding of grammar. All sixth grade students receive an introduction to Latin; seventh and eight graders have the opportunity to continue with Latin, or to study French or Spanish. The Latin Program encompasses learning how to read and translate Latin, building vocabulary skills, and establishing a strong grammatical foundation in Latin and English. Using materials developed by the Cambridge University Press, students gain knowledge of Roman culture, history, and mythology. The stories in the Cambridge series are historically based and developed around archaeological sites and artifacts left by real people who lived in the Roman Empire during the first and second century AD. To balance the rigorous academic demands of Latin with the joy of learning, effort is made to engage students in the storyline of their texts and to maintain a fun, upbeat, and interactive learning atmosphere. A variety of in-class activities, homework assignments, and special projects reinforce what students already know and facilitate the exploration of new concepts and ideas.