New Tuition Rates for 2018-19

The Willow School is excited to announce that, after a careful review of Willow’s core mission and thinking ahead to the school’s goals for the future, tuition rates for the 2018-19 school year are being decreased for the lower school program, preschool (age 3) to fifth grade, and only marginally increased in the middle school program.

“It has always been the intent of The Willow School to provide our mission of academic excellence, virtues, joy of learning, and respect for others and the natural world to as many students as possible,” said Willow’s Head of School, Jerry Loewen. “Our values and unique position of strength allow Willow to make this change for the good of our current families, future Willow families, and the community in which we live.”  

The Willow School’s new tuition levels are:
Grade Level 2018-19 Tuition

PS (5 full days/week) 12,000
Kindergarten 18,000
1st grade 24,000    
2nd grade 27,000
3rd grade 27,000
4th and 5th grades 28,000
6th – 8th grades 32,000

One of Willow’s founding principles is to build a more sustainable world, using systems thinking to consider the implications of every decision. Willow teaches its students how to apply this thinking not only to their school learning, but to the world around them. We are proud to say that we also use this thinking to continuously improve the school itself. We believe these new tuition rates will make choosing Willow a more sustainable educational path for current and new families, and that the quality of education we provide will improve our entire community.

Willow is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Find out more about how to apply here, and contact our Director of Admissions, Sally Zeiner, to schedule a tour or submit an application today! Call (908) 470-9500 or email