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The Willow School experience prepares students for the next step in their educational journey. In support of students and parents, a process was developed and integrated into the eighth-grade curriculum, providing individual secondary school guidance. It is our firm belief that the more families know about the secondary school process, the easier and more successful the journey will be.  Using the Secondary School Workbook helps our families navigate the application process. The unique Skills For Tomorrow program was developed to make the application process less daunting. These efforts ensure that the secondary school application journey is a fluid part of the eighth-grade experience and enhances our students’ placement success.  Each September, The Willow School hosts a Secondary School Reception, providing our students with a unique experience. Admissions Officers from distinguished local and regional secondary schools visit our campus and meet our extraordinary students. The eighth graders guide our guests on campus tours, demonstrating their knowledge and enthusiasm for Willow  During the eighth grade year our staff works together, supporting these students to achieve a positive outcome and find the best match for secondary school.  Our 8th grades who are planning to attend public high schools in the area benefit from these efforts as well as they sharpen their skills and gain more confidence.