Tuition and Affording a Willow Education

Learn with purpose. Lead with character.

The Willow School believes that outstanding students and families who are well suited for our school environment are found across all socio-economic levels. We further believe that enrolling students from the broadest range of backgrounds, experiences, and heritages greatly enriches the lives and learning of every student at Willow. Our commitment to virtues such as equity, justice, and compassion compel our entire community to warmly support Willow’s tuition assistance program.

  • Willow offers over $670,000 dollars of tuition assistance each year.
  • The current household income range for Willow families receiving some form of tuition assistance is approximately $20,000 to $250,000.
  • Approximately 36% of Willow students currently receive tuition assistance.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Families applying for tuition assistance at The Willow School must apply through TADS, which provides the school with the financial data, formulas, and recommendations needed to make the most equitable decisions possible.  The school makes tuition assistance awards utilizing national standards in a secure and confidential process.



We use a third party service to provide a greater level of objectivity and impartiality, and ability to match our data and decisions to national standards. Examination of family financial conditions is a secure and confidential process.  This process brings confidence and equity to both the school and each family applying for tuition assistance.

The Willow School’s new tuition levels for 2018-19 are:

Grade Description Price
Preschool 5 full days/week $12,000
Kindergarten $18,000
1st Grade $24,000
2nd Grade $27,000
3rd Grade $27,000
4th Grade $28,000
5th Grade $28,000
6th Grade $32,000
7th Grade $32,000
8th Grade $32,000
For more information on tuition for 2018-19, please contact Director of Admissions Lisa VanderVeen at or (908) 470-9500.

Set Up a Payment Plan

To help you manage tuition payments, The Willow School offers payment plans. We use the FACTS tuition management system to make the payment process more convenient for you.