Our Mission

Learn with purpose. Lead with character.

The Willow School, a small, independent coeducational day school for students in preschool through eighth grade, is committed to combining academic excellence and the joy of learning and to experiencing the wonder of the natural world. Mastery of the English language is an essential element in an integrated curriculum that helps students comprehend the patterns of how things are connected and prepares them for all areas of their secondary education. Willow is dedicated to maintaining an environment where respect for the individual, an outstanding faculty, and an understanding of place foster independent thinking, creativity, responsibility, and integrity. The Willow School education enables children to develop an ethical approach to all relationships, to realize their full potential, and to believe in their power to effect positive change.

Vision Statement

The Willow School helps children discover who they are, the joy of learning, and the wonder of the environment around them.  Our purpose in doing so is to develop people who make meaningful contributions to others and to the world in which they live.

Our Statement of Philosophy

The Willow School is an intentional community committed to fostering a passion for learning, intellectual inquiry, academic excellence, and the development of an ethical approach to all relationships.  Children are best served in a setting that promotes the joy of learning and recognizes the wonder that is found in discovery and the acquisition of knowledge.  The Willow School atmosphere is a carefully constructed balance of serious academics and fun. Projects and hands-on learning experiences, guided by talented and enthusiastic master teachers, create opportunities that spark each child’s imagination, natural curiosity, and desire to learn…(read more)