Morning Gathering

Learn with purpose. Lead with character.

Morning Gathering is at the heart of The Willow School experience. It is how we start the day and connect to our virtues program. Morning Gathering is the time for us to gather together as a school to learn about one another, to model the values we share, and to reflect on what is important to us as a community. It is a time where courtesy, warmth and safety reign, where children experience a sense of significance and of belonging in the Willow community.

The virtues program follows a three-year rotational calendar based on the work of Mary Beth Klee and is featured on the intranet school calendar as well as in the Friday Folder. Morning Gathering presentations are focused on the virtues: exploring their deeper meanings, viewing them from different perspectives, experiencing them in different ways, and learning to be mindful of them in our daily interactions. Morning Gathering motivates students by helping them realize that the way we interact individually and as a group matters. It sets the tone for respectful learning and establishes a climate of reflection and trust.

Morning Gathering presenters are teachers, administrators, staff, and students.