Nut Free / Allergies

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“Unless you or a loved one lives with food allergies, it is impossible to understand how incredibly stressful and isolating eating meals away from home can be. But not at Willow!My daughter was ecstatic when she learned that the chef and nurses would work together to ensure she could eat nut-free and sesame-free lunches with all her peers.She is never marginalized because of her allergies, and she enjoys her meals with peace of mind, which is priceless!”

D. Wolfe
Willow Parent

“Willow is a safe environment for kids with food allergies, including my son. Willow has been an environment where he was both protected and allowed to navigate and grow. The goal is for him and other children with food allergies to have the skills and confidence to ask the right questions and learn to make safe food choices ultimately in the real world. At Willow, my son has always felt that he is a part of the group, not separated out and different. Differences at Willow have been treated as a normal part of life, and he has been happy to fit in.”

Maria Parrella
Middleschool Parent

Allergy Policy

In any community setting, there may be individuals who have life threatening and/or severe allergies. School Nurse(s) are available to work with the parents of students with food allergy/sensitivity to determine if accommodations (alternative menu) can be made. Alternative menu items are available for those students who have proper, annual documentation of food allergy/sensitivity from the child’s physician. 48 hour notice, receipt of documentation, and communication with the school nurse is required in order to safely accommodate a food allergy/sensitivity alternative meal request. Alternatives offered may not be the same as the main menu item. Families of students who have life threatening allergies have the option to opt out of the Lunch Program and bring (nut free) lunch daily.

NO Nuts Policy

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in the number of children who have life threatening food allergies. Our goal is to keep all children in a safe and inclusive environment, where accommodations are explored and implemented when safe. The Willow School adopted a No NUTS policy in 2007. Although we can not guarantee a nut free school, we make reasonable effort to purchase nut free products for the School operated programs serving children such as After School Programs and Summer Camp. The School makes a reasonable effort to inform those who might bring food onto the school’s campus such as parents, outside caterers, the Parents’ Association volunteers, and any rental parties. The School cannot guarantee a nut free campus.

Food Allergy Accommodations

Parents of students with life threatening food allergies are to provide documentation regarding the allergy and required medication to include an allergy Action Plan Form. The action plan is a written directive of care to be given to the student in the event of an allergy incident. The lunch program menus indicate the presence of several of the top ten food allergens. Alternate meals are offered to most students who have life threatening allergies, although the meal may differ. At the start of the year, parents are afforded an opportunity to meet with the school nurse to determine if participation in the Lunch Program is a safe option.