About Us

The Willow School is an independent elementary school serving preschool through eighth grade students in a co-educational, day school setting. Our thirty-four acre wooded campus is located in picturesque Somerset County in Gladstone, New Jersey.


Whether you are a current parent seeking updated information, or a prospective parent considering a Willow School education for your son or daughter, ask yourself whether you want your child to:

  • Experience the joy of academics, music, the arts, and athletics
  • Develop deep, caring, and respectful relationships with each other and their teacher
  • Engage in challenging work that builds and fine-tunes core academic skills
  • Complete authentic learning projects that reflect habits and skills that have value beyond school
  • Practice being a respectful citizen, collaborator, self-advocate, and confident leader in a close-knit community
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for our multicultural world
  • Exercise creativity and pursue personal areas of interest
  • Enjoy the outdoors, developing a sense of stewardship for the environment
  • Love coming to school every day

Willow School faculty members understand that at the heart of a great school lies both a deep level of respect for each student and a curriculum that challenges students—not just academically but ethically and socially as well. They know that students need to become strong readers, writers, speakers, mathematicians, and scientists. They also believe that students must become independent thinkers and be able to move beyond rote memorization and test-taking to complete tasks and solve problems that may not yet exist. At Willow, children not only write, read, and compute. They also play, dig, plant, design, act, build, sing, experiment, invent, explore, cooperate, and perform community service. Our teachers are knowledgeable about their subjects, about pedagogy, about child development and they genuinely enjoy being with children.  As adult learners, they are inquisitive, reflective, collaborative, and innovative—worthy role models for our students.